For a very long time I thought about what I should write here, I even considered writing nothing at all, and just letting my photos speak for themselves. I believe that is the main reason I actually took up photography in the first place. This gives me the freedom to communicate without talking.

However, I think it is also important for potential clients to know a little bit about who I am as a person, and an insight into my personality.

Well I am an American photographer who is originally from Brooklyn New York, but I have spent close to the last decade living and working in Lima, Peru. I have since returned to the USA with my Peruvian street dog, Itchy. And after a massive road trip, traveling the country by car for 18 months together, just me and the dog, passing through 40 states, visiting National Parks, and exploring & photographing our nation. I have now returned back to Brooklyn to continuing my career as a professional photographer.

While living in Peru, I originally survived there in a Spanish speaking country without properly speaking the language, but by speaking with my photographs and showing that the language of light is universal. I then immersed myself in the culture, learned the language, and expanded my photographic world. I eventually opened my own photo studio in Lima, while simultaneously working for two large clothing brands, and on top of that, doing as many freelance photography jobs as possible in my free time.

While photography is my main passion, I have many other interests too. I love the outdoors, animals, and everything bagels with fresh lox & cream cheese. When I am not taking or editing photos, I enjoy exercising, tasting new foods, and spending the day with my dog.

To me the best thing about being a photographer is not just the images that I get to produce. It is about the people that I meet, as well as the places I get to go, and things I see. Photography really  is about more than just the photographs, it has given me experiences that if it were not for the camera in my hand, they would have never occurred. The camera is a passport, and it gives me access to things I would have never considered observing or even taking part in. It just opens up the whole world to me, and I look at everything differently because of it.

I also work in many different photographic genres and can produce many different styles. I find myself being able to work on any kind of assignment, and I feel I have the ability to work with many different types of people, environments, and in all conditions. I am a problem solver, I can adapt to whatever my clients need, and I believe I can produce high quality images in any scenario. I strive to make inspiring images no matter what's the approach is. Whether that means me blending into the background to capture great candid shots, laying on a filthy outdoor street to get the best angle, or working inside a studio. I love to take photos, and there is so much out there to see and share.

When you hire me, you deal with me, from the very first email contact, to final delivery of the product. So please contact me to discuss any photographic projects you have in mind, or if you have any questions at all. I am confident I can produce what you need based on my past experiences. You just tell me what you need, when you need it, and I will work my ass off to deliver that to you.

Even though I am currently living in the USA, I have a passport, and I always have my luggage packed and ready to go. So I am willing and able to travel when and wherever you need me.

I am my job, and to some that might sound like a bad thing, but I am a photographer, and I can honestly say I love my job.